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The Diabetes Kitchen

Diabetic Friendly Bread Roll Mix

Diabetic Friendly Bread Roll Mix

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Just 1g Carb Per Roll!

At last, you can effortlessly gratify your longing for bread rolls while maintaining a low-carb diabetic diet.

With only 1 gram of net carbohydrates per roll, our bread roll mix will have you dozing off in joy. Fibre-rich and loaded with premium real food ingredients, this product will make you feel like a keto superhero.

This is the first low carb bread roll mix to deliver an authentic bread-like flavor that genuinely satisfies our taste buds. We've tried countless others. Without the carbohydrates, it is as if you were indulging in a freshly baked quantity of traditional wholemeal bread rolls.

Just add apple cider vinegar, boiling water and 2 egg whites and bake in the oven/air fryer.

4 bread rolls per pack

* Keto friendly and low carb
* Gluten free
* Suitable for diabetics
* No artificial ingredients
* No seed oils or starches

Carbs 1g/Sugar 1g/Calories 129

The Diabetes Kitchen bread roll mix

Ingredients: Blanched almond meal, Psyllium husk, Bicarb soda, Salt

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