About our meals

Using locally sourced Australian fresh produce, our deliciously, healthy meals are pressure cooked in the pouch ensuring maximum nutrition, aroma and flavour are sealed in.

Pressure cooking our meals also means they do not require refrigeration. That means no iceblocks needed, or extra packaging that cannot be recyled.You simply store them in the pantry until ready to reheat. 
This also means you can easily take them travelling, to work, or keep them in the glovebox (for truckies).
All meals have the carbohydrate, sugar and calorific content clearly colour coded on the front, to make mealtime choice much easier for those managing diabetes.

The benefits of our Gourmet Pouch include:

  • easy to reheat
  • suitable for all ages
  • vegetarian options
  • most meals are gluten free
  • 12 - 18 month shelf life - just store in pantry,  (or suitcase or glovebox!)
  • ideal for people on the go - work, school, travel
  • food tastes fresher, looks fresher and retains its nutritional value much better than frozen or fresh ready to eat meals

We have strict nutritional criteria for every one of our delicious meals. We ensure that each of our meals:

  • provide average 300 calories per serve
  • contain no added sugar at all
  • range between 4g to 40g carbohydrate per serve 
  • range between 0g - 6.3g saturated fat per serve
  • provides at least 3 serves of vegetables/legumes
  • and most of our meals are gluten free 
We are proudly Australian-owned and operated and use Australian meats and vegetables.
We deliver Australia-wide.
We are proud to use Marriott Support Services to despatch our orders.
     Marriot Support Services and The Diabetes Kitchen