World diabetes day

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day is an internationally recognized awareness campaign and observance held on November 14th each year. It was created to raise global awareness about diabetes, advocate for better diabetes care and prevention, and promote understanding of the challenges faced by individuals living with diabetes. The date of November 14th was chosen to coincide with the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, one of the scientists who co-discovered insulin, a critical hormone for managing diabetes.

World Diabetes Day aims to educate people about diabetes, its risk factors, and the importance of early detection and proper management. The campaign also highlights the need for access to affordable and quality care, as well as ongoing research to find better treatments and potential cures for diabetes.

Activities on World Diabetes Day include:

  1. Global Awareness Campaign: The International Diabetes Federation (IDF), along with various diabetes organizations and advocates around the world, run awareness campaigns using themes and messages related to diabetes prevention, management, and education.

  2. Blue Monument Lighting: Many landmarks and buildings are illuminated with blue lights to symbolize the blue circle, which is the universal symbol of diabetes.

  3. Educational Events: Conferences, workshops, seminars, and other educational events are organized to provide information about diabetes and promote healthy living.

  4. Public Screenings and Health Fairs: Free health screenings, blood sugar tests, and other health-related activities are often offered to the public to raise awareness about diabetes.

  5. Social Media Campaigns: The use of social media platforms to share information, personal stories, and messages of support for individuals living with diabetes.

  6. Government Proclamations: Some governments may issue proclamations or declarations in support of World Diabetes Day to emphasize the importance of diabetes awareness and prevention.

  7. Community Initiatives: Schools, workplaces, and community organizations may hold activities and events to promote diabetes awareness and education.

The blue circle, the symbol of diabetes, represents unity and support for people living with diabetes worldwide. World Diabetes Day provides an opportunity for individuals, healthcare professionals, diabetes organizations, governments, and the public to come together and take action against diabetes.

If you're interested in participating in or contributing to World Diabetes Day activities, you can check with local diabetes organizations or online resources to find out what events are happening in your area.


Today we share Renza's blog post with you.

November is a big month in diabetes. For those of us living in Australia, the main event is World Diabetes Day on 14 November, but I’m certainly happy to be swept up in the USA’s Diabetes Awareness Month.

For the next four weeks, there will be a lot of diabetes awareness about and it’s a great opportunity to speak about real life with diabetes, dispel some myths and set the record straight when someone tells you to increase your cinnamon consumption to cure your diabetes.

Get your blue on…

Blue is the colour of diabetes and, this month, it’s my colour of choice! (Including this potentially misguided nail colour. My manicurist actually said ‘Are you sure?’when I picked it our yesterday.)

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