Weight Loss Tips that will help

Weight Loss Tips that will help

Thinking about losing weight can seem overwhelming. Whether you have a few kilo's, or lots of kilo's to lose, it can be really hard to get started. You need to be in the right mind frame to start with. 

Just start slowly - don't give yourself unrealistic expectations - aim for a couple of kilo's loss per week and you'll find you will gradually adjust (and love) watching them drop off!

Our Super Simple Weight Loss meal plan is a great place to start. Low in calories and carbs it keeps you feeling satiated, and you can also add veggies or salads to bulk the meals up if you feel like you need to.

Once you've started here's some great tips that will also help.

1. Drink water, especially before meals. Water can boost your metabolism by up to 30% over a couple of hours.

2. Enjoy your coffee or tea - preferably black. Caffeine can also help boost metabolism.

3. Cut back on any added sugar - read those labels!

4. Serve meals on a smaller plate - portion size plates are a great way to do this easily.

5. Keep healthy snack food around you in case you get hungry. Throw out anything that is packed with sugar or fats (chips, chocolates, cakes, sugary biscuits). We have a wide range of healthy, sugar free snacks here.

6. Make time daily for some exercise. Just start with 5 minutes and build up each day. Do something you love - walk the dog, clench your muscles whilst watching TV or reading a book. Just get started!

7. Make sure you are sleeping well. It's much easier to start anything when you're bright eyed and bushy tailed!

8. Throw out fizzy drinks - they are packed with sugar.

9. Chew more slowly - you'll be surprised by how much this helps.

10. Don't think of yourself as on a diet - think of your journey as simply healthy eating.

(Always remember to check with your health professional if you are changing your diet - everyone has different requirements).

Good luck and enjoy!


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