diabetes burnout

Diabetes Burnout

Our dietitian Sherie Sourial writes about diabetes burnout. Enjoy!

-I test my blood glucose levels at 4-6 times/day
- I inject insulin 4 times/day
- I am encouraged to eat healthily
- Low GI
- Having a hypo; high GI
- Going for a run; adjust my insulin, have more carbs...but I'm trying to manage my weight
- For some bizarre reason my glucose levels are elevated and I haven't done anything different 
- Keep between 6-8mmol/l. Avoid highs, avoid lows 
- Integrating diabetes into my life and allowing it not to occupy my thoughts and mind all the time... really? And how is that suppose to happen?.

Sound familiar? 

These are just some things a person with diabetes (type 1 or 2) can go through on any given day...and that's just in relation to their diabetes, let alone other non-diabetes decisions.

Rest assured! U are not alone. 
Firstly remind yourself, you are doing exceptionally well!

No doubt the thought of these points above and even other things can get overwhelming. To know that even when I do follow these things, I will continue to have diabetes, can feel  demotivating... don't let this get you down! You are stronger than this and have come a long way. The fact that you're processing and considering all these things means you have the motivation and will power compared to so many other people around you.

You may be feeling burnout. Yes Diabetes burnout does and can exist. 

As we spring into Spring, it's a chance to embrace the new season and also acknowledge that we can feel the pressures of the year in the air.

Tips to help you manage: 

-Make it real, be real and understand that it's ok to feel burnout and overwhelmed at times,
-Stay motivated. Doing your best can often be enough,
-Have support of family and friends around you, unload your frustrations and concerns by sharing them, 
-Take a quick little getaway; find that comfort and peace in things you enjoy, 
-Recharge those batteries and you will be back on your feet at better capacity again,
-Sometimes we need to take things back to basics and gain perspective again,
- Remember your healthcare professionals also care and happy to hear from you and help whether things are on track, overwhelming or off track. You are not alone.

Happy living everyone 

Keeping You Healthy 🍒
Sherie Sourial (APD,CDE)

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