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Eating for Comfort

Here's the latest post from our lovely dietitian, who is also a CDE, Sherie Sourial.

Eating for comfort? You're not are a few tips

What a year that's been! We may find comfort in food.

On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is so hungry I can eat anything in sight and 10 being so full I can't even move,  how often do we reach each extreme?

Comfort eating tends to creep into our lifestyle for several reasons. One being our tank dropping to empty, becoming vulnerable with our food choices, getting a quick dopamine hit with calorie dense options

Quick tips:

  • Hunger/fullness scale - eat at 3 and stop at 7
  • Checkin and ask ourselves be4 we eat, am I actually hungry? Alot of the times we think we're hungry, we may infact be thirsty!
  • Try not to miss meals where possible
  • Ensure meals have a balance of protein, low GI grains, some healthy fats and vege/salad.
  • Try and look after mind, body and spirit as sometimes our food choices are a result of other issues going on in our life
  • Don't beat yourself up about it. Eat it, enjoy it and move on.


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