healthy eating for diabetics

Nurturing our body from the inside out.

As we follow on from our recent post on the Portion plates, here's some sound advice from our lovely dietitian Sherie.

Lets admit it, we're all searching for the right balance of enjoying our food, losing weight and still remaining healthy. 

The gardening analogy; Snipping weeds at the surface versus pulling weeds out from the root.

There is so much out there tapping into the surface (eg,cut out all carbs, no actually its all on the fat, what about just raw foods, what about no grains, etc etc).Whilst all these may promote change, what we're really after is sustainable long-term change. If we're wanting to do what's best for our body, we need to invest in time - small steps at a time to nurture our body from the inside out if we are to achieve sustainable changes.

- As we pull out the summer harvest and plan for the next season's crop, we must pull out the crop, remove weeds, turn the soil, fertilize and put the right nutrients and environment for the new seedlings.

- How about our bodies?

1.Take it back to basics and set the right environment. Everyone has different needs, preferences and tolerances. A good place to start is ensuring we're putting a balance of nutrients into our body. More info on

2. Variety is the spice of life. Although we are creatures of habit, we need variety so we can sustain this lifestyle. Mix and match and alter things around. Your dietitian can help suggest variety whilst still maintaining your daily nutritional intake.

Remember to ensure longterm change, working on the inside will reflect out the outside.🌷

Happy living everyone

Sherie Sourial

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