Cam Johnson of Deconstructing Diabetes

Introducing Deconstructing Diabetes

We are thrilled to welcome Cam Johnson, owner of Deconstructing Diabetes to our team!

Cam is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) specialising in Nutritional Management of Diabetes. He is a highly experienced and sought after Dietitian, recognised for his patient care, and provision of nutrition management in a simple to understand way. 

Cam offers a telehealth service where he assesses your usual food intake, lifestyle, habits, activity and eating behaviour, along with your blood sugar levels.

This allows him to identify behaviours to improve your blood sugar, weight and diabetes management.

Goals, strategies and an action plan are worked on together. Following your appointment, an action plan, education resources and materials are provided, including diet journals, checklists and tools to stay on track in between appointments. Follow up reviews help make your dietary habits and routine part of your lifestyle.

In addition Cam works closely with us on new recipes to ensure they are suitable and healthy for people managing diabetes. Unless Cam approves it, it won't be cooked!

In addition we are so happy to have Sherie Alexander, Diabetes Educator and Dietitian, back after maternity leave. She is now mum to 2 beautiful small children. Sherie is available 2 days a week for telehealth appointments.

A dietitian can be incredibly beneficial when managing diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires careful management of blood sugar levels, and one of the most critical components of diabetes management is maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. A registered dietitian is a healthcare professional who is specialised in nutrition and can provide expert advice and guidance tailored to an individual's specific needs.

Here's why a dietitian is essential for managing diabetes:

  1. Personalised Nutrition Plan: A dietitian can create a personalised meal plan based on an individual's medical history, lifestyle, and dietary preferences. This plan will take into account their specific diabetes type (type 1 or type 2), medications, insulin regimen, and other health conditions.

  2. Blood Sugar Control: Dietitians can help individuals understand how different foods affect blood sugar levels and assist them in making appropriate food choices to maintain stable blood glucose levels.

  3. Weight Management: For individuals with type 2 diabetes, weight management is crucial. A dietitian can help develop a weight loss or weight maintenance plan that supports diabetes management and overall health.

  4. Managing Carbohydrate Intake: Carbohydrates have the most significant impact on blood sugar levels, and understanding how to manage carbohydrate intake is a key aspect of diabetes management. A dietitian can teach individuals how to count carbohydrates and adjust insulin doses accordingly.

  5. Preventing Complications: Proper nutrition can help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes-related complications, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, and nerve damage.

  6. Support and Accountability: A dietitian can provide ongoing support, motivation, and accountability, helping individuals stay on track with their dietary and lifestyle changes.

  7. Collaboration with Healthcare Team: Dietitians work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, such as endocrinologists, nurses, and diabetes educators, to ensure comprehensive diabetes care.

  8. Education: A dietitian can educate individuals about healthy eating habits, portion control, label reading, dining out strategies, and other essential skills for managing diabetes.

Remember that diabetes management is a multifaceted approach that often includes medication, exercise, and regular monitoring of blood sugar levels. Working with a dietitian complements these aspects and enhances the overall management of diabetes. If you have diabetes or are at risk of developing the condition, it's a good idea to consult a registered dietitian to develop a personalized plan that meets your needs and supports your health goals.

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