diabetes and desserts


Hands up who feels like they've blinked and  Christmas is around the corner?  No doubt this year has been quite a busy one. Whether it's work, study, kids, family or a whole combination. It is now time to take a step back and remind ourselves of the season we are embarking on. 
As we prepare for Christmas it is important to remind ourselves that it is a joyous occasion, a time we connect with family and friends. There is no need to be anxious as to whether or not you're "allowed " to eat certain foods. As the title states, 'You can make your cake and eat it too'. Having diabetes you can still enjoy the festive eats. We just need to be sensible and prepared.
How often do we hear these phrases? 'It's just once a year ', ' We're still eating our Christmas treats for months after'.The celebrations often start a few weeks before Christmas and extend to the New Year. How can we make our cake, eat it too, and still be mindful of our diabetes?
Here are a few tips that can help during this time of year:
* Be prepared. Make a list of the recipes you would like to make. Make sure the spread you put on has a selection of foods, colours and nutrients. Of course the traditional dishes like the turkey, the ham, lamb are always a favourite. The roast potatoes are always a great side and don't forget the beautiful coloured vegetables and salads. By having a selection of food groups you're automatically offering yourself and others a balanced meal. If you're bringing a plate to a family or friend's house, ask them what items are still pending on the menu and perhaps  you can bring that.
* Remember to pace yourself. Eat, Enjoy, relax and also be mindful. As the nibbles start, pick on a few, perhaps put a few items on your plate, that way you're mindful of what you're eating throughout the day. As the day progresses make sure you're taking breaks in between meals to give your body time to digest and absorb the amazing food around you. We often and especially this time of year ' eat with our eyes '. So remember, serve your plate , enjoy it and see if you need to refill as often we can overfill our plate because the selection is just too hard to resist.
*Make time in between meals to do other activities. Simple non-exhaustive activities like throwing a ball around,jumping on a trampoline, going for a walk/stroll. You can still enjoy this with family and friends.
*Speak with your health professional team about your specific needs. Whether certain diabetes medications may need to be altered to accommodate or whether you need to monitor your glucose levels etc. It is a wonderful time of the year and your health care professionals are there to support you and your diabetes.
*Have fun, guilt free. There us no need to feel guilt around food. Food is nourishing), brings people together, and a source of social interaction. Eat, enjoy, be sensible and have a great time. Remember though Christmas will also be around next year and the year after and so on, so don't feel pressure to over indulge. Savour the moment and enjoy.
Have a very Merry Christmas and Joyous New year.
Sherie Sourial
APD, CDE, Health Coach
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