diabetes and christmas

Tis the season to be jolly... eat,drink and be mindful. 🍉🍹🍡

Our gorgeous dietitian Sherie Sourial shares her thoughts on the Christmas season!


Let's be honest, we're all excited about the upcoming festive season. Whether it's family coming together, taking time off or enjoying hearty meals with friends.

Let's go through a journey....
How often do we find ourselves making subtle changes to our lifestyle (whatever they may be) and overtime it's becomes routine?

The beauty of our nature is that we are resilient and we can adjust to situations we are faced with.So, let's utilise this skill for the betterment of our health.

Yes! Tis the season to be jolly' indeed. It's a season to be happy and joyous.Food does bring people together! so let's enjoy this time, make mindful, sensible and tasty food choices.

As we approach the Christmas parties, charity luncheons, barbeques and the New Year celebrations, overindulging and excessive eating and drinking can very quickly creep up on us even with all this best intentions.
Before we know it, we have established a new norm for ourselves.

It is important to appreciate this time of the year, however we need to also remain mindful of the choices we make.

Let's make it real..
-  Keep to your standard meals and avoid the temptations of replacing them with snacks and nibbles.
- When enjoying snacks, be mindful of what else is happening that day.

and lastly...
- Zero guilt; eat it, enjoy it, and make sure you own it

*Consider seeking  professional nutritional advice for more personalized care.

Happy living everyone 🍒



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