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Our Meals Aren't Frozen

We are often asked how our meals are delivered, and when.

We deliver every day all over Australia and because our meals are pressure cooked they don't need refrigeration and have a long shelf life. This method of cooking is called retorted.

Retorted meals, also known as retort pouch meals or shelf-stable ready-to-eat meals, are pre-packaged food products that have undergone a specific processing method called retort processing. This method involves sealing the food in a pouch or container and then subjecting it to high heat and pressure to sterilize and preserve the contents. As a result of this process, retorted meals have a long shelf life without the need for refrigeration, making them convenient for storage and consumption, especially in situations where refrigeration is limited or not available.

Here are some key features and characteristics of retorted meals:

Packaging: Retorted meals are typically packaged in flexible pouches or containers that are designed to withstand the high heat and pressure of the retort process. The packaging helps to maintain the quality and safety of the food inside.

    1. Sterilisation: During retort processing, our sealed pouches are heated to a high temperature for a specific period of time, effectively killing harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and molds. This sterilisation process extends the shelf life of the food.

    2. Long Shelf Life: One of the primary benefits of our retorted meals is their extended shelf life. These meals can often be stored for months or even years without refrigeration, as long as the packaging remains intact and unopened.

    3. Convenience: Our retorted meals are ready-to-eat or require minimal preparation, making them convenient for situations where cooking facilities are limited, such as during camping, hiking, emergency situations, or in areas without access to a kitchen.

    4. Nutritional Considerations: We strive to create retorted meals that maintain their nutritional quality and flavor after processing.

    5. Flavor and Texture: Our retorted meals aim to provide flavorful and palatable options - they do contain more liquid (very nutritious) than fresh or frozen meals.

    6. Preservatives: The retort process itself acts as a preservation method, eliminating the need for additional chemical preservatives.

    7. Environmental Impact: Our packaging of retorted meals is designed for durability and protection. 


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