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Legumes and Their Benefits on Lowering Blood Sugars

Recently we spoke to our good friend Associate Professor Kouris of Total Nutrition and asked her what people could add to our meals if they wanted to make them a serving for 2, or just add something to make them a really big serving for 1 (they are already a 350gm generous serving but we always like chatting to Professor Kouris before giving you advice)

Professor Kouris is also the owner of our delicious and health biscuit range, Skinnybiks - we stock all 3 yummy flavours and a recent study has shown that these also lower blood sugar levels.

Professor Kouris said:

I can tell you what I suggest my patients add to your meals to make them
more satisfying, higher in protein and fibre and lower GI carbs
(legumes are lower GI than Basmati rice and legumes have been shown to be
particularly good at lowering blood sugars in people with diabetes whereas
rice can raise blood sugars).
Your meals have been a fantastic vehicle to get my patients to eat more legumes
because your sauces are so tasty!
- Moroccan chicken - 1 can drained chickpeas and serve with steamed veggies
- Chicken Leek - 1 can drained butter beans and serve with steamed veggies
- Beef stew -  1 can drained black beans, extra mushrooms and serve with steamed veggies
- Meatballs - 1 can drained lentils and serve with steamed veggies
- Chilli con carne - 1 can red kidney beans and serve with steamed veggies
- Bean tagine -   1 can drained 4 bean mix and quinoa or boiled buckwheat.
I also suggest my patients add onion and garlic plus some 
rosemary, oregano and spices as per taste (e.g cumin or curry powder)
and extra virgin olive oil for extra antioxidants. 
Professor Kouris also offer telehealth consultations at her clinic during the covid 19 pandemic. You can book your appointment here.
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