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How To Enjoy Treats After Your Diabetes Diagnosis

No need to fret! Diabetics can still enjoy sugary sweet treats, it is important, however, to be responsible with your intake.

Including a healthy eating plan within your everyday lifestyle is a great strategy to ensure that you're a) receiving the required nutrients to keep you healthy and, b) continuing to enjoy the foods you love.

Generally, desserts contain high amounts of sugar which can dramatically spike your blood glucose levels, which can lead to long term issues if ignored. They can also include high levels of saturated fat which, if eaten in large amounts, can cause weight gain therefore causing difficulty in maintaining blood glucose levels. This makes it challenging to know what treats are appropriate to consume.

Fortunately, there are many alternative options for sweet treats. Sweetners such as  Equal, Stevia, Sugarine, and Splenda can be used instead of sugar as they do not spike blood glucose as much. It is important to note that sweetners should also be consumed in moderation, as they contain no nutritional value.

Many companies also produce diabetes friendly products that include low sugar or no sugar options and are accessible from all supermarkets. If you're looking for a delicious sweet treat that won't leave you confused or stressed out, The Diabetes Kitchen has just launched a new product for their online shelves: Natvia Chocolate Bars. They come in 6 flavours and are;

  • Palm oil free
  • Gluten free
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Dark Chocolate and Orange bars are vegan
  • 100% naturally sweetened with Natvia (Aussie owned and made)
  • 90gm bars

To sum up your options for sugary treats as a diabetic, it is important to eat in moderation and look for alterations where you can. The Diabetes Kitchen offers many sweet treats for you to purchase with ease.

Written by our good friend nutritionist, Jaz from jazculinary.food.blog

Source: Diabetes Australia


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