diabetic christmas meals

Getting ready for Christmas

Well it's been a fabulous year here at The Diabetes Kitchen. So many exciting things have happened.

You may have seen us in the Readers Digest in March, and we were also chosen as 1 of only 50 of Australia's most innovative food companies in September!

In 2019 we got our Trademark. We introduced a new menu, along with soups, and sugar free shortbreads and chocolate digestives - simply delicious.

Our mission here at The Diabetes Kitchen is to make meal time easier when managing diabetes - we clearly mark the carbs and sugars on everything, and we ensure that every product we have taste delicious, is dietitian approved and meets our strict nutritional criteria. 

During 2020 we will continue to ensure we bring you new and delicious products, and we are always open to your feedback on what you would like to taste!

Don't forget that if you are travelling, our ready meals are just perfect - as they are pressured cooked in our pouch, you can simply slip them into your luggage so you always have something yummy to eat. (Just keep them out of the sun).

We don't close at all - but our couriers don't work on the main public holidays so just bear that in mind.

We wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. :)

Below are some tips for travelling with diabetes.








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