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Mixed Flavour SkinnyBiks (14 biks)

Mixed Flavour SkinnyBiks (14 biks)

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5 delicious Skinnybik flavours - 14 tasty bikkies.

Carbohydrate: 5.3g  Sugars: 1.6g   Calories: 94
Per Serving (2 Biscuits)

This mixed pack of healthy and delicious bikkies with MUCH fewer calories, negligible saturated and trans fats, a fraction of the carbs and sugar, 5x more fibre, and triple the protein!

Flavours: Choc Chip (gluten-free), Orange & Poppyseed, Coconut & Cranberry, and Date & Butterscotch and our NEW Lemon and White Choc (gluten-free). You'll receive 7 packs and each pack contains 2 bikkies. (Please note if a flavour is out of stock we'll substitute if for you).

Developed by Professor Antigone Kouris for her own nutrition clients seeking a healthy and nutritious biscuit, the range of flavours are delicious!

Compared to normal sweet biscuits, SkinnyBiks:

  • Are Low in Sugar & Refined Carbs (by 40-50%)
  • Are Low in Fat (by 30-40%), Saturated Fat (by 80%) and Trans Fat (0%)
  • Are Low in Salt (by 50-80%)
  • Have 4x More Fibre
  • Have 2x More Protein
  • Contain No Artificial Colours or Preservatives
  • Contain no Sugar Alcohol (Laxative), Sweeteners (Xylitol), Aspartame

Made in Australia from at least 70% Australian Ingredients.

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