Our Nutritional Criteria

For those managing diabetes, all our meals are clearly labelled with colour coded carbohydrate and sugar contents to help make meal choice simpler. We know that managing diabetes doesn't mean you have a strict diet - but we also know (our team manage their own different types of diabetes) that we have to manage our blood sugars carefully.

That's why we've colour coded the carbs, sugars and calories for you - we hope to make mealtime choice that little bit simpler.

Healthcare professionals will help you with the daily amount of carbohydrate and sugar suitable for you.

We have strict nutritional criteria for every one of our delicious meals.

We ensure that each of our meals:

  • provide average 300 calories per serve
  • contain no added sugar at all
  • range between 4g to 40g carbohydrate per serve 
  • range between 0g - 6.3g saturated fat per serve
  • provides at least 3 serves of vegetables/legumes
  • and most of our meals are gluten free

View the Australian Dietary Guidelines here.

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