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Formulite Meal Replacement

Formulite Meal Replacement

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A delicious meal replacement formulated especially for people managing pre-diabetes, diabetes 2 and those who just want some help with weight loss.

You'll receive a box of 7 delicious flavours:

  • 2 x 55g Choc Hazelnut Sachets
  • 2 x 55g Creamy Vanilla Sachets
  • 1 x 55g Banana Sachets
  • 1 x 55g Coffee Sachets
  • 1 x 55g Honeycomb Sachets

Contains 60% less sugar than leading brands.

Carbohydrate 10.6gm/Sugars 3.1gm/213 calories/ Gluten Free

Designed to help with you with your weight loss, or to provide extra nutrition in your daily diet, it's great for lunch or dinner and the single-serve pouch is so easy to slip in your bag for work or travel.

Simply stir into 200ml of skim milk or water for a delicious, velvety meal replacement. (Please note adding skim milk will increase carbohydrate content)

Replace lunch or dinner each day with a meal replacement to help you with your weight loss plan. You can replace up to 2 main meals daily with this product however our dietitian encourages you to include a variety of fresh & healthy foods in your diet, including plenty of water every day, for sustainable long-term weight loss and optimum health. Not to be used as a total diet replacement. 

Also available in our Meal Plans

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Remember to check with your Health Professional before embarking on any new diet plan.

Find out about all the unique benefits of Formulite meal replacements here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Very Happy

I am please to say that I am very happy with all the flavours in the Formulite range.

Debbie Turner
I really enjoy the shakes

the shakes are good even better with frozen banana

Rosemarie Prunkel

Tastes like a milkshake and packed with vitamins. Filling.


Yummy just like a milkshake

Susan Schley
Meal Replacements

Amazing flavours and leave me feeling full afterwards. I only use half the packet each time